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JJA Snack, the sister company of JJA Pack, whose customers include Premier Foods and Cadburys and who has driven innovation in the food processing industry through the smart application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


Using Edge technology and Siemens’ Industrial IoT Solution Insights Hub, JJA Pack revolutionised the food industry’s approach to machine maintenance.


By leveraging AI capabilities alongside the team’s existing knowledge of liquid moving machinery, JJA Pack has:


- Drastically reduced machine downtime, saving clients millions of pounds in loss of revenue (several days downtime can cost millions).

- Improved customer service through better scheduling for pre-emptive maintenance.

- Offered more service options, such as lifetime maintenance for machines fitted with Edge devices.

- Made innovative AI technology more accessible for a client base of smaller food processing enterprises and machine builders.

Introducing JJA Insights


To the best of our knowledge, up until now, there has been no way of evaluating or comparing the data gathered by food process machines in a unified way. However, by leveraging Insights Hub technology, AI, and our teams’ existing knowledge of machines, JJA Pack has been able to teach AI what is normal and what requires a second look. This has allowed the AI to learn from the data it collects, and subsequently increase its degree of predictive accuracy.


This has completely changed the approach to maintenance, and provides a blueprint solution for the industry that streamlines the repair process and keeps machines up and running more reliably and for longer. This pre-emptive maintenance strategy saves clients money, reduces downtime, maximises machine efficiency, and minimises workforce disruption.


There tends to be a presumption in the marketplace that technology of this kind is only available to large corporations. However, in implementing Insights Hub, JJA Pack has brought Siemens’ technology to users working on a smaller scale, fundamentally changing traditional working practices.


Through JJA Snack, this is what we want to show the engineers of tomorrow.

Developing & Improving

JJA Pack has been developing and improving this technology for the past six months and its second system (the client machine) went online in March. So far, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, from both clients and colleagues.


JJA Insights provides an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that allows customers to clearly view all insights pertaining to a specific machine, down to its production levels, its individual components, and whether or not it is currently running.


The team are able to view this data via the cloud. This means that, regardless of wherever we are in the world, we are able to keep track of clients’ assets and ensure they’re functioning properly. If a client reaches out, the team has all of the relevant information on-hand to discuss their issue and resolve it.


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