The Experience

JJA Snack invites school children on an exciting journey, tracking the chocolate-making process.

This hands-on experience offers unique insights into engineering principles, making learning not only educational but also deliciously fun.


Real-World Insight: Students get a front-row seat to monitor the entire chocolate production process, understanding the application of engineering concepts in a tangible way.


Problem-Solving Skills: Engaging with Edge technology and Siemens' IoT Solution, students learn to identify and solve issues, fostering critical thinking and practical problem-solving skills.


Innovation in Action: Witnessing the integration of AI capabilities, students grasp how technology can revolutionise industries, igniting their creativity and innovation mindset.


Accessible Technology: JJA Pack breaks the stereotype by making Siemens' advanced technology accessible to students, empowering them to explore the exciting intersection of technology and chocolate.

Engineering Adventure in Chocolate

The Art of Crafting Irresistible Chocolate Bars

This transformative experience is more than a lesson; it's an inspiration:


Learning Through Experience: By immersing themselves in the chocolate-making process, students grasp engineering concepts in a way that textbooks can't convey.


Future-Focused Insights: JJA Snack's innovative approach equips students with skills and knowledge that align with the evolving needs of the industry, preparing them for future engineering challenges.


In essence, JJA Snack's engineering adventure offers students a unique blend of education and inspiration, creating a sweet symphony of learning that will resonate with them well beyond the classroom.


Empowering Future Innovators through the Joyful Exploration of Engineering Excellence.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between education and innovation, transforming the way the next generation engages with engineering. Through our divisions, we strive to create immersive experiences that inspire students to explore, learn and innovate. Our vision is to empower future innovators, breaking down barriers to technology and fostering a passion for engineering through unconventional and delightful pathways, ensuring a sweeter and brighter future for all.


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